Nick Riell

Personal Training Manager
E-mail: [email protected]


Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Nick developed a passion for health and fitness during his experience as a collegiate athlete.  Having seen and felt the impact that came from pursuing a high level of fitness and overall well being, Nick is inspired by and thrives in helping others produce positive changes and achieving their own desired goal outcomes .  He believes that anyone is capable of creating their own future & that anyone can accomplish anything if one sets their mind to it.  His time serving as ZEROlevel Fitness & Wellness’ Personal Training Manager has allowed him to share that vision of a better future with the McCarran Airport community.  His experience working in this unique environment led him to develop his personal mission to impact how health is seen in the world.  When he is not working with others on their own goals, he can be found honing in on his other passions, watching football, hockey, & researching which car he will get next.


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