Stefan Dombrigues

Group Ex Instructor/Personal Trainer
E-mail: [email protected]
Stefan, born at the innocent age of 0 in the lush tropics of Honolulu, Hawaii. He was later moved to the harsh, unforgiving desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. Living a humble life, at the tender age of 7 he threw himself into the world of Tae Kwon Do. Where he knew nothing but hardships and the art of combat. As he aged, his strength and wisdom grew until he, unknowingly to him, began his long journey as an instructor. Continuing his training, and of those younger than him, his passion of the arts dwindled. Leading him away from his true calling. Lost and without purpose, he then stumbled upon a work opportunity that would change his life. “ILKB” was a small facility for cardio kickboxing, an art that he was unfamiliar with. But he was willing enough to try anything in the frail state he was in. After only a single year of teaching he found his true purpose. To help others achieve their truest potential through health and fitness. After completing rigorous training of not only mind, but spirit as well. He now holds a NASM CPT and PES certification along with his 4th Dan in TKD. He now resides at ZEROlevel Fitness and Wellness. Where, with a fiery passion in his heart, he accepts those willing not only to learn, but also who are willing to better themselves in every way.