Travel is exhausting!

Time to put your feet up and relax in one of our private rooms!  Each room is equipped with a twin size bed, towels, and anything you may need to recharge before your flight or before visiting the Las Vegas strip.

Naps start at $40 for 2 hours.

Commuting for work, check out our bulk hour packs to save you more!

  • First Time Stay Special for $100 (up to 10 hours)
  • 10 Hours for $120
  • 5 hours for $90

All rooms are cleaned and sanitized between each client.  Sleep room hours are valid for 120 days from date of purchase.  Must use a minimum of two hours per stay.  All rooms are single occupancy.  Hours are non-transferrable.  No children allowed.

Sleep room reservations include access to fitness center, showers, and towels.  Sleep rooms are available during our business hours.

Use our sleep rooms to relax, recharge and catch some shut eye in a private space.  Please call us at 702.261.6611 to schedule your stay.

Message us to check availability today